Greetings from Thailand

Vodka – a spirit that comes in handy when you want to “pack a punch” in your cocktail, but not necessarily alter the flavourprofile of the dominating ingredients in it. Phayam is one of those cocktails.
When Anze was on vacation in Thailand, more specifically at Koh Phayam, the chef in the resort served a delicious tea made with local ingredients. Anze of course packed these ingredients in his suitcase (don’t tell customs) so he could batch the tea for his Vesterbro neighbourhood bar, Atze Peng. This resulted in a refreshingly simple cocktail
3 cl vodka
half a lime
Top it up with the tea (1 deciliter)
Build the cocktail over ice in a high ball glass. Garnish with the squeezed half lime and a pandanus leaf. The pandanus and lemongrass tea is made with fresh pandanus and lemon grass that is cooked up and left to sit for a while. After that, add about 10cl of sugar to 1l of tea
At this point we should add that the last lemongrass/pandanus tea has been served at Atze Peng – but Anže will no doubt find a nice substitute for you if you ask for Phayam!
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Martin Millard
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