Ruby’s finest legacy

Some people might first hear about Rapscallion from the renowned PDT Cocktail Book, but fans of Copenhagen’s bar scene have known it long before it got a life in print. 

We are, after all talking about one of the finest legacies of Scandinavian cocktails.

It is a drink that takes you on a trip down Memory Lane. Rapscallion was created back in 2007 when a lot of us were just tipping our feet in the shallow end of the cocktail pond, if drinking cocktails at all. 

Adeline Shepard and Craig Harper of the then newly opened Ruby mixed together Scotch, Sherry and pastis for to test the infantile curiosity of the Danish cocktail palate. It’s been on the menu since and today we know the Rapscallion as a contemporary classic with international renown.

Rapscallion - craft cocktail from Ruby in Copenhagen featured in the PDT Cocktail Book40ml Talisker 10
20ml Pedro Ximenez Sherry
1 barspoon Pernod Ricard Pastis

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir thoroughly. Pour into a coupe and garnish with a lemon peel.

When it lands in front of you, it introduces itself as a well groomed gentleman with a little lemon peel as his pocket square. The characteristic peaty smell of the Talisker scotch is mellowed down by stirring giving way for the fruity notes.

The first sip is intoxicating – the whisky steps aside and lets the sherry work as a smoothing agent, while the pastis adds a hint of anise.

As the flavours mix on your tastebuds, Talisker comes back into the foreground with its dried fruit-like sweetness. As every good whisky cocktail, the Rapscallion leaves you with a light, pleasant sting for the finishing note.

Before the first sip is through the next is calling and all too soon you’re left with just a lemon peel in the glass and wishing for more. 

Rapscallion - craft cocktail from Ruby in Copenhagen featured in the PDT Cocktail Book

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