Roman Colosseum

The sand turns red in the arena

Curfew’s current menu takes inspiration from the New Seven Wonders of the World. You’ll be taken on a journey from China to Rio de Janeiro, through Petra to the capital city of Italy and the great colosseum. 

When “Roman Colosseum”, the drink, lands in front of you it triggers all of your senses. Burnt rosemary brings excitement to your nostrils as well as a sense of danger. Your eyes are drawn to the circular glass with yellow liquid, which reminds you of the wonder it represents. Blood-like port is floating on the surface, commemorating the bloodshed of gladiators that most people associate with the Colosseum and its bloody history.

But the Colosseum was also a place designed for art and recreation, which the drink expresses in its taste. This is a cocktail that will make you relaxed and at peace. At first a familiar lemony explosions gets you intrigued, afterwards the rich port wine and cognac-based pear liqueur take over and carry you away.

3cl xante pear cognac
3cl strega liqueur
3cl lemon juice
3cl rosemary honey
Peychaud’s bitters.

All ingredients are shaken over ice and strained into a lowball glass with a big ice cube.  Ruby port wine is floated on top along a dry pear and dry burnt rosemary for garnish.

Every time you take a sip, a taste reminding you of a lemon popsicle, brings you on a trip down memory lane to childhood times. The delicious balance between sourness and sweetness is brought by rosemary infused honey, which also adds freshness and herbal notes.

The Italian inspiration is felt all around the drink. Rosemary both as a garnish and infusion will remind you of the idyllic countryside, where you can imagine yourself sipping on a glass of limoncello and eating some fresh pears.

If it wasn’t for the obvious reference to the bloody history of the Colosseum, this drink could just as well well have been dedicated to having time for yourself and your close ones, which is rare for most these days. So whether you’re looking to honor ancient architecture or just kick back after a long day, Curfew has a couple tricks up their sleeve.

All photos in this post are shot by Alexandru Barbu.

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