Ruby Daiquiri

Ice shard angels and rhubarb threads

Years back everyone would be ordering strawberry daiquiries at Danish bars. At Ruby it’s always been house policy to provide great service and offer guests what they want while encouraging them to expand their comfort zone a little bit. This meant exchanging rhubarb for strawberry in the house daiquiri on the first cocktail menu.

Of course the rhubarb marmelade used was made by the mom of Ruby’s owner Rasmus Lomborg. At least as long as production could follow demand.

6 cl Angostura 5 rum
2 bar spoons rhubarb mamalade
2cl lime
2 cl vanilla syrup

Shake all ingredients hard with ice and (single) strain into a cocktail glass.

Rhubarb, vanilla, lime and rum seem to be a match made in heaven. This cocktail is shaken hard and single strained into the glass so that small shards of ice serve as garnish on top. According to Hemingway a daiquiri should be drunk before the small dancing ice shard angels on top disappear. This rule of thumb should apply to the Ruby Daiquiri because it would be a perfect fit for Hemingway’s diabetic drinking diet since rhubarb contains less sugar than strawberries.

With a quality rhubarb marmalade you’ll have both ice shard angels and rhubarb threads to enjoy in this rustique feminin delight.

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Thomas Klem Andersen
I believe that true mastery eventually leads to original creation given the right conditions. I love creative cocktails that push the limits of flavor pairing. But I can't deny I have a personal preference for whisky and love everything that is clear and stirred.