Santa’s Port Bishop

“Glögg” on cocktail…

You know the awkward situation when you’re hit by one of those classic irrational dilemmas where you’d like some “glögg” but don’t feel like a hot drink… Duck and Cover has solved the problem for you by putting a nice cold glögg cocktail on their Christmas menu.

1 cl Lemon juice
1 cl Orange juice
1 cl Falernum
1 cl Smith & Cross rum
1 cl Christmas Cup*
6 cl Port

Shaken. Served over chrushed ice in a coppler glass. Garnished with mint, cherry, organge slice and a small chocolate snowball.

Santa’s Port Bishop is pumped with Christmas spices. The Christmas extravaganza of this cocktail is also apparent in the wonderfully baroque garnish which is rare to the ususal minimalist aesthetics of Duck and Cover. No doubt this is what Santa must be sipping by the fire on a Friday after a busy week in the Christmas factory.

* Duck and Cover Christmas Cup

4,5 cl cognac
6 cl port
3 cl PX Sherry
2 cl Cherry liqueur
2,5 sugar syrup
1,5-2 cl ginger

4 Bar spoon (bsp) clove tincture
3 bsp cinnamon tincture
1 bsp cardamom tincture
1 bsp nutmeg tincture
1 bsp all spice tinture

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Alexander Banck-Petersen
CoC's photographer and occasional writer. I enjoy cocktail photography almost as much as cocktail imbibery. I try to do the drinks justice by making them appear as appealing to the eye as they are to the mouth and nose. I have a weakness for gins and I'm fond of bitter stuff as well, but I'll enjoy a good rum, bourbon or whisky if I'm forced. :)