Strøm cocktail bar - one of hte best cocktail bars in Copenhagen


Good drinks, lively atmosphere and funky vibes

Looking for a place to have good drinks in a loose and lively atmosphere? At Strøm you can sip a well-balanced cocktail while funky tunes from Earth Wind and Fire invite you to get the groove on and loosen up whatever tension built up through the week.

Mikael and Andreas Nilsson from Strøm Cocktail bar in CopenhagenThe two Swedish brothers Mikael and Andreas Nilsson had worked in London for many years and wanted to bring some of the open atmosphere from the cocktail scene in London to Copenhagen. They eased into Copenhagen’s growing cocktail scene by working at some of the best bars in the city at the time like K-bar, Bar Rouge, Custom House, Salon 39 and Brass Monkey. When the time was ripe to build their own in 2012, they teamed up with serial bar entrepreneur and Zefside founder Simon Haugaard with the ambition to provide good drinks for everyone rather than just classics appealing to the connoisseurs.

Strøm napkinsToday Strøm is a bar with a loose and non-pretentious atmosphere. When you step down the little staircase next to Gråbrødre Torv (one of the prettiest little squares in Copenhagen btw) and enter the art-deco inspired bar you feel that this is not a place for jazz, sit down and serious table service. This is a cocktail bar where you go to have fun and meet people. The types of guests are as diverse as the music – ranging from Earth Wind and Fire to Elton John, Tina Turner, Ice Cube and Michael Jackson. All different and all good.  The selection of cocktails is designed in such a way that you won’t be over-dozed on sugar or citric acid after just a few. Regularly the menu features cocktails on bottle and tap – which means you won’t have to wait long for a good drink. Brilliant.  On top of the bar are stored black bowler hats for the regulars who refuse to have their favorite drink without being properly equipped with such…

Tesla from Strøm cocktail bar

STRØM’s house cocktail “Tesla”

While the drinks, the music and the interior is what first meets the eye, the true back bone of the bar is the quality of the staff and service. And good staff and quality service is what will turn first time guest into regulars. Good staff is not something you can take for granted with a growing number of bars that all cater to the same pool of talent. Because of this,  Mikael and Andreas take pride in the fact that bartenders tend to stay at Strøm for long. They do their part to grow the talent they have on board even more by encouraging the ‘tenders to develop their skills by competing in international competitions, which has won the bar quite a few trophies.

At strøm you can expect good service. So grab a black bowler, kick back, sip a drink with a group of friends and enjoy the funky vibe.

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