The Hazard

As risky as its neighborhood

Even though the bartenders at GILT refer to The Hazard as an Old Fashioned, on the first sip you will know it’s so much more. Almost nothing remains traditional on this twist – no sugar cube, no angostura bitters, mixing of spirits…

The Hazard will have your taste buds constantly on the edge as you try to figure out whether you have an Old Fashioned, Vieux Carré or a Sazerac in your glass. And the answer..? Somewhere in the middle…

40 ml Rittenhouse Rye
20 ml Fussigny Selection Cognac
10 ml Dom Benedictine
5 ml Maple syrup
2 Dashes Scrappy chocolate bitters
Stir and serve in double old fashioned glass and large cube with a cherry.

A very elegant pre-batched serve over a single ice cube doesn’t need any garnish. First nose impressions are pleasant but just as mysterious as the drink itself, The Hazard doesn’t give away its identity straight away.

The first taste is intriguing, especially if you expect an Old Fashioned experience. The rye and cognac are hiding behind each other and together compose a very mellow symphony of flavors.

And If that wasn’t mellow eneough already the rest of the ingredients work towards smoothening the drink as well. The maple syrup is not overwhelming but you can feel how it controls the party of heavy spirits dancing on your tongue.

The last touch of extraordinary are Xoco bitters, with their strong, yet familiar character. Think of a combination of orange, angostura and chocolate bitters, but in one bottle and perfectly balanced.

It is the last push-up effect that puts The Hazard on top of the Old Fashioned list. Is it an Old Fashioned though?

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Jiri Malis
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