Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Cocktail

Protectorate of the Prince of Wales

Normally, we only feature original cocktails on this blog. However, this one is too good not to feature, and besides, it’s not a very well known classic… So, the exception to the rule: The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Cocktail, a delicious variation on a daiquiri, a classic, tropical cocktail – and as some say: before tiki, there was tropical!

This drink can be found on the basement menu of Forgotten Classics at Ruby, and as Nick Kobbernagel Hovind, the bar manager of the place mentions, it’s a cocktail with a history: it only got the prefix “Royal” after the Prince of Wales, Prince Albert, decided to become a patron of the Bermuda Yacht Club, and as a natural consequence, of the cocktail too.

5 cl Mount Gay XO Barbados rum
1 cl Cointreau
1 cl Falernum
1 cl simple syrup
2 cl lime juice

Shake and single strain into a cocktail coupe

One may wonder: why use a barbados rum in a cocktail from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club? As all things in cocktail history – it is told in dark rooms full of drunken people and so is questionable at the very least. But the simple, albeit boring, theory is that the bartender creating the drink was from barbados…

This is a simple and refreshing cocktail, yet still a very masculine drink.

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