The Rum Pickle

A Finnish Legacy cocktail contender

The brainchild of Finish Eetu Topo and his entry in the Bacardi Legacy contest, the Rum Pickle is a delicate and distinguished ambassador of the new “pickle” cocktail category.

It is a simple concoction following the classic recipe for a pickle:

The Rum Pickle by Eetu Topo from Lilla e in Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Cocktails of Copenhagen's photographer Alexander Banck-Petersen

45ml Bacardi Carta Oro rum

20ml Chablis (Chardonnay)

1 bsp white balsamic vinegar

1 bsp grain sugar

The sugar is dissolved with the other ingredients and then stirred over ice.

Served neat in a small rock glass and garnished with a pickled caper berry (or whichever pickled or preserved garnish you prefer).

An extremely well balanced cocktail with the acidity from the vinegar and the white wine softly held against the richness of the rum. In contrast to cocktails that make use of citrus fruits for acidity, the vinegar adds a slight tartness without disturbing the finer nuances of the base spirit. The overall impression is a laid-back and unassuming yet alluring cocktail with an inherent air of quality and sophisticated coolness (in that way it is almost exactly the opposite of a certain orange president).

The Rum Pickle is very approachable for the home-mixologist, but is not currently available in Copenhagen bars. If, however, you find yourself in a Finnish cocktail establishment you might very well find a Pickle on the menu thanks to the work of Eetu. We can only hope it finds its way to local bars soon.

The perfect “straight up” rock glass used in these photos was kindly provided by our local glass and spirit pusher “shoppen” on Nørrebro.

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