IT’S A MAI TAI! – or is it?

Tiki-fusion cocktails are not uncommon (Helium does a very nice Mile High Mai Tai), but the Tikilicious from Kester Thomas still manages a fresh take on the Tiki-fusion genre. When Sarah Kraus (bartender and waitress at Kester Thomas) suggested a Tiki drink for the spring menu, the hunt was on to find a grape based substitute for dark rum. In the end, a trinity of light rum (for sweetness), Martell VS (for strength), and Amontillado (for that oaky, hazelnutty, almondy feel) was found to be the perfect match. Passion fruit, pineapple and Orgeat provide the balance that round off the mixture, and voilá: Mai Tai!

Tikilicious from Kester Thomas30ml Havana Club 3 años
20ml Martel VS
15ml Mil Pesetas Amontillado Sherry
2 dashes of angostura (just enough to draw out the subtler flavors of the 3 spirits)
20ml passion fruit purée
40ml pineapple juice
10ml Monin Orgeat syrup

Shaken over ice. Served with ice cubes in your most demonic Tiki-mug. Garnished with a little passionfruit, an orchid flower and a spray of Aguardiente (to give it that proper Cuban ambiance)

While most re-inventors endeavor to create surprising out-of-genre versions of classics, the Tikilicious is a regular Mai Tai, but substituting the ingredients to keep with the grape theme that Kester Thomas is known for. As is fitting, it has a powerful flavor in the draw, initial notes of almond well balanced against the passion fruit and pineapple, and just a hint of sherry at the end. The Amontillado works well with the Orgeat syrup to complete the dark rum illusion and a classic take on a Tiki-fusion cocktail is born.


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