Titanic Negroni

Cask matured gin heaven

The classic Negroni is a stable of the industry and in many ways a masculin cocktail with it’s dark red hue and strong flavour tones of gin and Campari. The Barking Dog adds science to art and use a pre-batched mix of 6 different gins, 3 different vermouths and Campari mixed according to the bar’s own “solera” system and initially stored on glass bottles for weeks to allow the mix to settle. When ready, the mix is added to the remainder of the existing mix stored in old rum casks of french oak behind the bar. By Carl Wrangels estimate the mix at this point contains more than thirty different gins.

Pre-batched Negroni mix
(1/3 Gins, 1/3 Vermouths, 1/3 Campari)
Served in low ball glass over one large block of ice.
Garnished with a twist of lemon peel.

Pre-batching not only helps speed up the bar work, but allowing the ingredients to settle togeather helps the gin and Campari smoothen their gustatory edges. Like a slow cooked stew the Titanic Negroni has a distinctly smooth quality where the ingredients form part of a whole rather than shine on their own. To maintain a bit of zing it’s served with a twist of lemon instead of the classic orange over a single large block of ice (hence the name) that melts slowly, keeping the drink from watering out.

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Titanic Negroni

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