Unfaithful from Curfew - one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen, Photo by Alexander Banck Petersen, photographer for Cocktails of Copenhagen


The right scents can put a woman in the mood

A coffee like body and a raw liqourice stick as garnish. This cocktail builds up expectations. When it hits the tongue however it’s nothing like what you expect…

It is not easy to distinguish what makes up the mix. And no wonder. The distinguishing flavors are made up by cucumber and liqourice -a peculiar mix that works surprisingly well. So well in fact, that the Unfaithful made it to the ranks among the 101 best cocktails of 2012 by courtesy of the bartender icon Gary Regan.

Of course that is not all by chance. Humberto Marques owner of Curfew designed this cocktail inspired by a study on liquorice and cucumber. In the late 90s, Alan Hirsch, MD of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, set out to discover which scents really push people’s buttons. He exposed subjects to several scents and measured their sexual arousal by monitoring the blood vessels in and around the erotic zones of the human body. The result? A liquorice and cucumber concoction was the most effective in triggering a response in both women and men. It’s an odd combination, but Hirsch found that it boosted sexual appetite in women more than any other smell. The explanation? “Odors are intricately associated with sexual arousal”, Hirsch says. Licorice and cucumber don’t seem sexy, but Hirsch theorizes that their smells may make women comfortable and lower their anxiety levels.

5 cl Hendricks gin
4 slices of cucumber
1 cl Cointreau
3 cl fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 cl honey
1/2 bar spoon of Danish raw liquorice powder by Johan Bülow (or other raw liquorice from liquorice roots – steamed, pressed or granulated, alternative use 2 cl liquorice honey syrup)

Muddle, shake and fine strain into a vintage Cocktail glass
Garnish: Liquorice stick

Imagine a miracle musk; a magical cologne that can ensnare women. No such secret formula exists, of course, but the right scents can put a woman in the mood. And the Unfaithful might do just that!

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Alexander Banck-Petersen
CoC's photographer and occasional writer. I enjoy cocktail photography almost as much as cocktail imbibery. I try to do the drinks justice by making them appear as appealing to the eye as they are to the mouth and nose. I have a weakness for gins and I'm fond of bitter stuff as well, but I'll enjoy a good rum, bourbon or whisky if I'm forced. :)