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Did you ever imagine that aquavit could be trendy? If you’ve been following this blog, then we’re sure you have. If not: start imagining.frederick-sebastian-krausse

About a year ago, Frederick-Sebastian Krause started toying with the idea of making a new brand for “the spirit of the North”. He decided he wanted to make “the world’s best aquavit”. He wanted to help lift the category of aquavit, make it trendy, make it hip, and take it out of the hands of “old people” by re-igniting the passion for tradition, culture and craft through a deliciously handcrafted small batch aquavit with a distinctively young brand.

The ingredients for VI.ER are handpicked by the same people who pick the herbs, roots and spices for NOMA and Geranium, and the alcohol is distilled at Nordisk Brænderi, a small micro distillery in Northern Jutland. VI.ER’s ambition is to have a line of aquavit representing at each Scandinavian country with different ingredients and different artwork.

VI.ERs first Akvavit, “VI.ER Danmark” is a traditional Danish aquavit, heavy on the carraway notes, clear and “direct” in its taste and high ABV. It is however distinguished from other aquavits by leaning slightly towards the gin category: two types of juniper is used, and the younger, green juniper leaves a distinct note of lemon peel in the aquavit. It is an akvavit that you can and should enjoy neat, at room temperature. With this bottle, VI.ER have won “aquavit distiller of the year” at the recent Berlin International Spirits Competition.

Aquavit Distillery of the yearNow if you can’t get yourself to drink it neat just yet – or if you want to impress your next guests with a few simple, delicious cocktails, VI.ER collaborated with Carl Wrangel of the Barking Dog and made some extremely simple cocktails with VI.ER Danmark – download our e-book about aquavit to check one of them out!

VI.ER currently retails online at, in “Shoppen” and in Vignoble on Krystalgade, and you can get it for your lunch at Radio, Geist, and Schønemann’s among other places! Whether it’s the best aquavit in the world, we will let you judge!


For ideas on how to use aquavit in cocktails download our free ebook on aquavit cocktails.

Vi.ER Akvavit

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