Walnut Brown

Gensyn’s house treasure

House cocktails are usually a great way to accommodate a guest who would like to “just have anything”. Most bars showcase a special ingredient, blend or an infusion that sets the drink apart or expresses the soul of the venue in some way.

It is therefore no surprise that Gensyn’s house drink is fueled by whisky. Reading “rye bread infused bourbon” on the menu will intrique your tastebuds even before you place the order. Quite a Danish twist on this otherwise American style drink. 

Walnut Brown from Gensyn cocktail bar in Copenhagen70 ml Roasted Rye Bread Infused Dry Fly Bourbon*
20 ml Drambuie
5 ml Merlet Café
Barspoon of Simple Syrup
Dash of Angostura Bitters

Stir in a mixing glass and serve over ice (single large cube preferred). Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

*To create your own infusion, roast rye bread in an oven until lightly burnt and let sit in a bourbon of choice for about 2 days, then thoroughly strain.

The drink presents itself as an old fashioned, served on a large ice cube with single cherry on a metal sword pick (love it!). Despite the base being a high ABV bourbon, the first note hitting your tongue is a light, Drambuie-powered sweetness, while your cheeks are puckering from the dry notes of burnt rye bread.

However, the final notes take a different turn. A couple of seconds after tasting you’re pleasantly surprised by hints of dark Belgian chocolate and spice, courtesy of the coffee liqueur and Angostura bitters. The flavours will last on your tongue for a while and leave you wondering whether you really felt subtle hints of cream cheese in the end!? hmm… Better taste that again to be sure! And that’s how the Walnut Brown will lure you into a vicious cycle of mouth-puckering sips leaving you with an always too soon empty glass. 

Walnut Brown wraps up a perfect balance of sweetness, strength and dry bitterness. If you feel tired of regular Old Fashioneds, this one will take you far enough off the beaten path to keep the excitement going. It will most definitely have you keep coming back to Gensyn.

The Walnut Brown is nominated as best Danish signature cocktail 2018 among four other delicious local drinks for the upcoming Bartender’s Choice Awards. Nominated are also Ama’r Colada and Across the Equator from Duck and Cover, Rapscallion from Ruby and Espresso Martinez from Atze Peng.

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Jiri Malis
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